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I love exploring the cultural and societal impact of videogames, be it AAA or indie titles.

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The Search for Answers in Prison Architect

They told me that the law had decided his fate long ago. I just needed to do a good job.

Fight article

Fight Knight Embraces Repetition

Like many games, the indie brawler Fight Knight also embraces repetition, while demanding that you fight with vigor.

Bucketdetective article

Bucket Detective's David Davids is a Fool

David Davids is a fool with an inclination for the perverse. All he ever wanted was to have hot, kinky and deranged sex, but his wife just wouldn’t allow herself to be at the mercy of his sexual whims.

Devolverdigital article

Devolver Digital Made E3 Exciting Again

Devolver Digital’s presentation is a madcap, hysterical fever dream of satirical excess.

Broforce article

Broforce Doesn't Know If It's Mindless or Smart

For all that gleeful, anarchistic fascination with destruction, Broforce does seem to hint at a sardonic message underneath that bombast.

Pokesheep article

Moirai Will Paralyze You With Indecision

A testament to the simplicity, strength and focus of short games, Moirai is a masterful creation whose themes and concept begs discussion.

Beginnersguide article

The Plurality of Meaning in The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner’s Guide is drenched in a multitude of meanings. But unless Wreden openly discusses what it is about, these interpretations are all correct and wrong at the same time, its intended meaning unknowable like the state of Schrödinger’s cat.

Kaizen article

Event[0] May Have Made Me a Villian

AIs are habitual liars, and they are merely tools to serve humanity at best. When is the last time you had a heart-to-heart conversation with Siri?

Antigravitator article

Antigraviator Doesn't Give a Damn about Realism

Most of the time I’m just careening through the race tracks, the hoverbike whizzing by so quickly that the lights trails in the course make me feel like I’m inside a long-exposure shot.

Franzkafka article

The Franz Kafka Videogame isn't As Absurd As It Thinks

The Franz Kafka Videogame is chock full of puzzles so laborious, they threaten to detract from the story—one that is already difficult to follow.

Interior cover article

Self-Portrait (Interior) Heralds The Next Era Of Selfies

But how can the self-portraiture evolve beyond the snapping of your own pictures with a smartphone? Perhaps Triantayfllidis had uncovered the answer with Self Portrait (Interior).

Alt j 2017 03 please credit mads perch article

The Significance of Alt-J’s Psychedelic Web Game

It’s fascinating to see how videogames are gradually becoming part of a collaborative whole in an artist’s arsenal of expressions.

Fs 1 980x413 article

Fallout Shelter Is a Deeply Dehumanizing Experience

Don’t let the sunny, kitschy vibe of the game fool you; the vault you manage will be one of the most insidious vault experiments in Fallout lore.

Madelyn 3 980x413 %281%29 article

Run Like a Girl in Battle Princess Madelyn

A run-and-gun platformer strongly reminiscent of classic games like Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Battle Princess Madelyn is clearly a labor of love by Christopher and Madelyn Obritsch, the father and daughter duo from Casual Bit Games.

Box 1 980x413 article

In Pato Box, Revenge Is a Dish Served With a Flurry Of Punches

Pato Box is a noir-inspired boxing game about a man finding the answers to his betrayal. Your hero is the boxing champ named Patobox, a tortured soul unable to speak his mind or express himself other than through his fists.