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I love exploring the cultural and societal impact of videogames, be it AAA or indie titles.

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YIIK Is More Than Just The ’90s Version Of EarthBound

Set in the year 1999, the unpronounceable YIIK (for the record, it’s actually Y2K, not yeeeek) may feel like a true-blue nostalgia fest for millennial gamers. Thankfully, it's more than that.

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Geralt Isn’t The Protagonist of Witcher 3

Playing videogames isn’t always about being the hero of your own story. Sometimes you are just the supporting character, watching from afar as the real adventurers strut about pompously, their chests puffed out from all their heroics.

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The Unspoken Horrors of KFC’s Virtual Reality Game

The oddball humor of The Hard Way feels appealing because of how self-aware and ostensibly unpretentious the corporate giant is.

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Geralt of Rivia is Unknowable

In contrast to his more boisterous companions like Dandelion and Zoltan, Geralt had the emotional range of a snail.

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For Honor Gives Me the Rush of Fighting Games

But Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash title, For Honor, has resuscitated my love for fighting games. It has helped me become less irritable and impatient about learning to play. It makes me want to devote hours just to hone my skills.

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Rail Theory Stops You From Feeling Heroic

These powerful creatures can outnumber you, and a few slashes can quickly cripple your character. What’s more is that ammo is sparse and health packs even rarer, and you’ll often be reminded of how ephemeral and fragile your existence is.

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Why I’m afraid video games will continue to “bury its gays”

Queer stories desperately need more diversity. The arbitrary nature of some of these deaths can be immensely frustrating.

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Chester Bennington: The Voice I Grew Up With

On that Friday morning, she learned that Chester was gone. He committed suicide on what could have been Chris Cornell’s 53th birthday. In her mind, there was no doubt that it was premeditated; it’s too much of a coincidence.

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The Meditative Rhythm of Receiver

Using firearms in the first-person shooter Receiver is a methodical process.

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The Search for Answers in Prison Architect

They told me that the law had decided his fate long ago. I just needed to do a good job.

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Female Stereotypes Perfect for Hideo Kojima’s Games

Hideo Kojima loves using female stereotypes in videogames. I helpfully offer him a few ideas on how he can expound on that idea.

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Fight Knight Embraces Repetition

Like many games, the indie brawler Fight Knight also embraces repetition, while demanding that you fight with vigor.

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Bucket Detective's David Davids is a Fool

David Davids is a fool with an inclination for the perverse. All he ever wanted was to have hot, kinky and deranged sex, but his wife just wouldn’t allow herself to be at the mercy of his sexual whims.

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Devolver Digital Made E3 Exciting Again

Devolver Digital’s presentation is a madcap, hysterical fever dream of satirical excess.

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Broforce Doesn't Know If It's Mindless or Smart

For all that gleeful, anarchistic fascination with destruction, Broforce does seem to hint at a sardonic message underneath that bombast.